Sweeping views? Temperature-controlled plunge pools? A captivating equatorial history maybe? Have the entire package, and then some, in our luxurious waterfront villas and apartments. Their meticulous, spacious interior designs with elegant furnishings will be an inspiration by the Lake Victoria to create the ultimate comfort and style.

Every turn in your home will be proudly modelled to perfection with each villa featuring a smooth flow between living spaces and an abundant view of the lake and beachfront below.

Residential offerings:

  • Luxury villa type 1
  • Luxury villa type 2
  • Luxury apartments
  • Bungalows
  • High density apartments


  • 3 and 4 BR hill villas, lake facing bungalows, Resort duplex 2 BR villas
  • Spacious terrace spaces and private roads for the luxury villas


To ensure your stay is pleasant and comfortable, we will employ an individual service approach to cater to each of our customer’s special needs in a warm and accommodating manner.

Our prestigious apartments shall be effortlessly elegant; and when complete will have infinity pools that infuse the homes with energy and striking reflections.

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Pearl Marina’s 3 star and 5 star hotels will deliver refined excellence that has to be seen to be believed.

We shall specially package legendary and unmatched service into facilities that allow for accommodation, dining, wellness, conference, private events and entertainment.

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With plans to incorporate eminent office space and manicured landscaping, our office blocks will offer an unparalleled assortment of tenant profiles at competitive leasing rates to corporates and SMEs.

At the base of the office blocks are exquisite retail space, with everyday items on offer as well as gift ideas from exclusive boutiques.


  • Quality, stylish office space
  • Collaborative environment
  • Conference rooms
  • Security- 24/7, most tech-savvy
  • Parking
  • Ambience- The public space ambiance and caliber of the tenancy profile is second to none
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The marina will be nestled on the Garuga Peninsula, offering a private and exclusive nautical experience for you and your loved ones with perfect boating conditions.

With a yacht club serving first-class amenities, the marina will provide an extensive assortment of services including a café, lobby bar, changing rooms, marina office, and eco-friendly sailing.

It will give you the pleasure to anchor your yacht on the natural waterscape, and take pleasure in the lake and its wildlife.

Boasting inimitable restaurants with over-the-lake lakeside seating, the Pearl Marina Boardwalk will be complemented by retail spaces that provide a multiplicity of eating, entertainment and recreational options.

It will offer a spectacular and family-favorite natural playground for a distinct luxurious escape.


  • Boardwalk dining – restaurants, live fish restaurant and fish market
  • Fashion –shopping mall, clothes stores
  • Water sports

The Clubhouse will be the region’s principal business club, lounge and meeting space built with modern design and international sophistication. It has been planned as a place to get business done in a productive and inspiring environment, as well as to proposer professional relationships.


  • business and sales centre
  • spa
  • swimming pool
  • fully equipped gym
  • bar and lounge
  • indoor kids club
  • clinic
  • reception and service yard
  • laundry management offices

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Pearl Marina will be packed with exclusive splendid leisure facilities, where families can create a lifetime of memories.


  • Nature trails through the 389 acre estate
  • Birding
  • Yachting
  • Tennis
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Basket ball
  • Mini-soccer
  • Kids play area


The city that is Pearl Marina will have its own privately managed hospital to service both residents and visitors seeking specialist services e.g. cancer units, kidney centre, IVF etc.


An international education centre shall be set up to school both resident children and those from the region. The centre shall not only have international standards but shall have effective teaching methods employing the use of technology to deliver the syllabus.