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  • Residential Villas
    features a smooth flow between living spaces and an abundant view of the lake and beachfront
  • Hospitality
    Pearl Marina’s 3 star and 5 star hotels will deliver refined excellence...
  • Clubhouse & Beach
    It has been planned as a place to get business done in a productive and inspiring environment
  • Waterfront
    Waterfront development and resort town

Why Pearl Marina

Described as a home of leisure and luxury, Pearl Marina has been master-planned as a city that will offer an exclusive life by the spectacular Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake. With an integrated community of ultramodern residential, commercial, and healthcare, education and entertainment facilities, this remarkable waterfront development is set to be East Africa’s ultimate destination.

Pearl Marina is located on 389 acres of land on the Garuga Peninsula, Uganda, a nucleus between Kampala and Entebbe. A proud creation on the Pearl of Africa, Pearl Marina is a seamless and skillful blend with untouched nature, enjoying over 3km of tropical Lake Victoria’s panorama.

More About Pearl Marina

Luxury Apartments
Water Front
Natural Scenery
Hotel Services
Modern Offices
Clubhouse & Beach


Over 3km of lakefront spectacle
Distinctive design applied in the creation of a mixed-use community
Expedient access - 22 KM to Entebbe International Airport by road| 32KM to Kampala| 25KM to Port Bel|10 minutes by speedboat to Entebbe International Airport
Eco-friendly development with portable water and efficient waste management
On-site professional property management staff
Security implemented with modern technology
HHigh quality centrally managed infrastructure

Pearl Marina 3D Fly Through Video: